Ushers welcome parishioners and visitors, distribute bulletins, and ensure that the worship service runs smoothly.

During the liturgy, ushers perform the following duties:

  • Provide directions and answer questions for newcomers as needed
  • Notify the Sunday school teachers when they should bring children in for communion
  • Collect the congregation's offering and bear the alms to the altar
  • Prepare the kneelers for communion and direct communicants to places at the altar rail
  • Maintain an attendance tally for parochial reports

Before and after the service, ushers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that bulletins and special inserts are available and distributed
  • Ensuring that the pew racks have hymnals and prayerbooks
  • Keeping the pews as tidy and inviting as possible

If you would like additional information or wish to be added to the Ushers schedule, please contact the church office.