Migrant Ministry

The Migrant Ministry has evolved over the years, but the idea of helping others has remained constant.

For many years, a band of faithful volunteers from St. John's collected items and then drove them to Newton Grove, NC. As this mission became more self-sufficient, we focused on the needs of migratory farmworkers who live right in our own backyards. Laura Santos collected items for workers in Franklin and Granville counties who come to work in the summer months to work on local farms. They come with nothing more than a duffel bag of clothing, so the donations of toiletry items and kitchen supplies, bed linens and pillows, sunscreen and insect repellent are all things that these workers don't have to buy once they arrive for the season.

As tobacco fields gave way to housing developments and crops that can be harvested by machines and not people, the ministry focus has shifted again to provide school supplies for those children for whom English is a second language. The notebooks, crayons and pencils, pencils, binders and bookbags that parishioners donate are distributed to students in Franklin and Granville counties. The children are so happy to receive something special that's just for them, and their parents are grateful and appreciative, too!