Two great opportunities are available for us to put our Faith into action in our local community.

We will be joining  other churches and the community of Wake Forest to assist and help finance 5 Habitat homes in Wake Forest in the Spring.

One of the Many 'Arms' of St. John's Outreach

Habitat for Humanity is one of St. John's early commitments to outreach. It which provides new housing to families in Wake Forest. Each year the church made a substantial financial contribution toward the cost of materials, and we have shown that we can drive nails, cut boards, put up siding, install roof decking, paint and of course cleanup the construction site after each day's work.

The work helps many of us remember the skills we lost (or thought we lost) years ago, but the real reward is being with the family for whom the new house is being built. Moving from a two-room apartment which certainly left much to be desired to a beautiful three bedroom, two bath home brings a joy these families, and to us all. We hope you will join us, the greater religious community in Wake Forest, and Habitat for Humanity on our next house building project.