Men's Retreat

The men of St. John's held their first retreat in 2012, and continued annually through 2015, Twenty centuries ago Jesus of Nazareth said to a group of ordinary men, 'Come, follow me.' They laid aside their fishing nets to become 'fishers of men.' And in doing so, they changed the world. Like those first followers, many who have answered Jesus' call have set out to follow 'in His steps.' Though many of the earliest suffered martyrdom, the movement He inspired lived on. It lives on today, because by His teaching, example and Presence, He continues to inspire and challenge present-day disciples to embrace His vision and commitment to the transformation of the human family.

Each year our Retreat has invited us to walk alongside others who have 'walked the walk' of faith, inspired and empowered by Jesus. We listen to their voices, mediate on their visions, and reflect on their examples of serious discipleship and how we might choose to respond to that still small voice which speaks every day.

The Men's Retreat is in hiatus for the moment, but we have hopes of it returning soon.