Search Committee

Good Shepherd

Most gracious God, who gave your only Son to be our Good Shepherd: Look favorably upon St. John's and guide the hearts and minds of those who shall choose a priest to be pastor to this Parish. We pray for wisdom in calling a faithful leader, who will go with us out into the world, creating disciples who make a difference. Nurture in your servants who wrestle with this call a spirit of wisdom, confidence, joy and humility. Let us view this transition as an opportunity, a renewal and an invitation to build upon the foundation which you have already given us at St. John's. Lead us to hear all voices and meet the diverse needs and gifts of our treasured congregation. Through Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Our Search Committee in Pictures

St. John's Search Committee consists of the following parishioners: Kitty Kovacs - Chair, Edna Toney, Vestry, Jane Hill, Dori Allen, Ken Marsh and Jean Leppek. We thank them for agreeing to serve.  With this committee we believe we have covered a variety of interests to represent St. John's parish life.

The Committee is working diligently with Canon Catherine Massey and has completed St. John's portfolio.  We await the interest of Rectors seeking a calling and should have some candidates to consider by the beginning of May 2017.  From there, the committee will be able to speak broadly about its work, but not specifically about candidates or their demographics in order to respect those who may choose to remain in their current settings.  There will be interviews, then visits by potential Rectors with the Search Committee, then discernment to offer a single name to the Vestry.  The Vestry then meets with the candidate and either agrees with the Search committee, or the process continues.

 The Search Committee has a Progress Board in the Parish Hall, also provided in the monthly Epistle, to provide an ongoing reflection of their work.  Please keep the committee in your prayers.

Search Committee Progress Table.